Rodolfo Martínez Fernández is my legal name, and I use Rodolfo Martínez as a writer, translator and publisher. Most of my acquaintances call me Rudy, a nickname I took in my teens for unknown reasons —though they must have been completely reasonable then.

I was born on April the 30th, 1965. That is Walpurgis Nacht according to German tradition, and it is a kind of a Spring reflection of Samhein, Halloween or All Hallows Eve —choose the one you prefer. It could seem that date has something to do with the fact that I was interested when I was a little boy in both fantasy and mythology and that I have become a science fiction and fantasy writer. I don't believe in that kind of things, so I don't think so. Nevertheless...

I was born in Spain, in a small Asturian village called Candás, though I been living since I was ten in Gijón, the nearest city. Gijón is my main sentimental landscape and has become the setting (and one of the main characters in some ways) of one of my literary sagas: The City, a series of novels and short stories of urban dark fantasy whose common link is the town where they take place, a sort of "magical" version of Gijón.

I began writing when I was very young, 12 or 13, though I would not publish my first short stories until ten years later. When I was 30 I published La sonrisa del gato, my first novel. I have written several more books since then and I have managed to get some awards along the years and I have collected a fistful of readers who enjoy my work. As I have said, my main focus is in non realistic genres (fantasy and science fiction mainly), though I also have written some mystery fiction. What I enjoy most is the mixing of several genres to get a literature whose most significant trademark is the fact that it is halfbreed and proud of it. Purity has never been good for anything, except maybe for horse breeding —and nobody has never asked the horses their opinion on the subject.

I decided to try my luck as a publisher in 2009 and created Sportula, a small press specialised in genre literature, mainly science fiction and fantasy, that were my first love several years ago. One of the greatest joys of being a publisher is having given their first opportunity to talented authors like Pablo Bueno, Felicidad Martinez, Pablo García Maeso or Laura S. Maquilón.

Though many years ago I had translated into Spanish some essays and short stories for magazines like BEM or Gigamesh, it was when I decided to publish foreign authors in Sportula that I began to translate as a continuous activity. I have translated contemporary authors for Sportula, such as Christopher Kastensmidt and Ian Whates, but I must say that what I enjoy the most is the translation of classic authors as H. G. Wells, Mark Twain or Arthur Conan Doyle. And, above all, Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Barbarian among many other things. The translation an publication of Howard's Conan has become one of Sportula main projects under the title of The Nemedian Chronicles.

For almost 25 years I been earning a living as a computer programmer —something that came to an end in 2021. In spite of my decision of working full time as translator-writer-publisher, I still enjoy programming, so from time to time I still write small programs or plug-ins for personal use.

If you believe I can help you in some project, please email me to drimar[arroba] or send me a DM in one of these Social Media: